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Earlier in this year I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to preach a 10 night evangelistic series. Here are some lessons I learned in the process.

1. Be prepared for anything

Normally, when preparing for an evangelistic series, the host pastor is in communication with the guest evangelist through emails or phone calls. In Cuba, I found that this would provide some unique challenges as access to the internet is very difficult for most people. The only thing I knew going in is that I was to speak ten times evangelistically.

So how did I prepare?

I brought my laptop loaded with resources on a variety of subjects.

I also brought my iPad with all my Kindle books so I could study while there, but also so that I could write sermons on the fly and sync them to my iPad. I found this to be extremely. In the US, if you’re preparing for a message, you can access the internet and do research and print out whatever you need. While preparing my messages in Cuba, I didn’t have any access to the internet. I had whatever resources I had brought with me. I wrote my messages, synced them to my iPad, and then brought my iPad up to the pulpit.

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