Five things not to get your pastor for pastor appreciation month —  October 6, 2017

It may come as a surprise to some that October has been divinely ordained as Pastor Appreciation Month. (I know those three words didn’t need to be bolded and in caps but I like to live in the danger zone)

It’s true. October is the one time a year you are required to give your pastor something other than those “encouraging” notes you usually send. Now the question becomes: what should I get this person who sacrifices so much for us? You’re in luck. I have a list for you. This is a list of what NOT to get them. Anything else would be amazing.

He/she would never say this too you. They’ll even deny it if asked and will act happy. So I’ll do it for them.
1. A bible. Does that sound strange? Isn’t he/she supposed to have a good one to preach from? Most pastors I know have enough Bibles in their library to evangelize a small town. Now, an IPhone with a Bible in it? That’s a different story. (BTW I hate everything Apple, not sure what possessed me to write that)

2. A tie. If your pastor is a female that would be awkward. If he is a male that would be like saying “what’s the easiest, spend the least amount of preparation and thoughtfulness and still look like I care” kind of gift I can give. Especially grievous are ties with words on them. In summary: Ties from Ross, no. A gift card to Ross, maybe. A gift card to somewhere nice? Amen!

3. Praying hands. He got four of those in different sizes from his previous church. So no.

4. An envelope with a card with just air inside. Who does this? Who gets in a room and says “yep, that’s a great idea.” You know who you are. Do you like getting those at Christmas? I didn’t think so.

5. Any type of decoration. When someone gives me a decoration, I often have two thoughts:
a. More things to pack on my next move.
b. Why didn’t they take off the Goodwill sign?

Appreciate your pastor. Ask their spouse/parent/ministerial director what meaningful gifts you could give them this month. Start by looking them in the eye and saying…

PS If you are a previous parishioner of mine, there are no expiration dates on the effects of ministry so…
PSS Here are some ideas…

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