How to write a book (without breaking the bank) —  September 12, 2017

In 2007 I published my first book. It was a book on marriage that still has great support even 10 years later. I had no idea about how to self-publish. That’s the reason I am writing this short article, so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. It’s hard work but worth it.

Here are ten steps/guidelines for writing books.
1. There are two ways you can go about it. You can get a Publishing House to publish it pr you can do self-publishing. Since the probability of you getting published is very slim I will help you with the process of going the self-publishing route.
2. Write it. There are two types of writers. One writes something every day. The other binge writes. I am writer #2. Whatever you are, put it in paper.
3. Resist the temptation to make it perfect. No one wants to read trash, so it’s good to revise it, but you can read a book 100 times and still find ways of saying it different. Done > perfect. That’s what editors are for.
4. A good editor is gold. Don’t save money by using a guy you know or an ex-girlfriend. Good editors can charge from .01 per word to a flat fee of $900 or more. My preferred editor is Tim Lale. He worked for PP so he knows what it takes for a good book to be published. His email is
5. Layout/cover. Once again, get someone who knows what they are doing and that won’t give your book that 90’s look no one wants but they are very familiar with. I personally use for cover and a different person for layout This part costs $500 to $1,000 NOTE: people in other countries will do a great job for much less.
6. Write an outline for the book. Don’t worry about catchy titles at this point. Then write an easy to follow outline for chapter one and commence to write. Don’t worry about every detail. Just finish the chapter. Then review it, make revisions and let it sit for a day. Come back again and re-write it. I usually revise the chapter three times before I leave it alone so that the editor can massacre it.
7. There will almost never be perfect ideal conditions to write. There are kids, noise, games and just life to deal with. So instead of waiting for that perfect time in an idyllic cabin in the woods, just write.
8. Always ask people you contract three questions:
a. Let me see your other work?
b. Will I pay until its done? Nope. (Don’t. No matter how well you know them)
c. What specific date will you have it back to me?
9. What are you passionate about? That will carry the day. Writing books is not a hobby. If you have little passion for what you are writing about, it will show.
10. Publish it. It’s basically the printing of the book. After a search high and low, I have found a good publisher. The company is a small business in San Diego. I appreciate the personal service and the willingness to work with your realities. My books are usually 100-210 pages and I have found that for 1,000 copies the price to be close to $1.40 a book sometimes lower based on quantity. His name is Ted and the email is

Five years ago, Pacific Press asked me to write for them and I have been ever since. But that would have never happened if I hadn’t self published. Here is the cover:

You can order here:

What other tips are you familiar with?

Next topic: How to promote and sell your book.

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