imprrh@gmail.com —  September 29, 2016

One of the most common questions people in the church are asking these days is: How do I present a timeless and unchanging message in a way that is relevant to a changing culture?

My friends Dwight Nelson and Rodlie Ortiz at Pioneer Memorial have taken their time engaging people and have developed a series called:


This has four characteristics:

Innovative- it was birthed not out of a board meeting but with people that live outside the walls of the church.

Daring- taking the gospel and engaging younger people is both daring and necessary.

Excellent- from the graphics to the watch parties, this does NOT have 1992 written all over it.

Adventist- that’s what we are. We don’t hide it, but we proudly proclaim it in a contextualized way.

If you want to participate, please know its not too late.

Here is the info:

1. Training event and Q & A session for those considering being Watch Party leaders. So if you know anyone in your church that might be open to lead, send them the link and ask them to catch it online available at hopetrending.org/pastors so they can view it any time.


2. We’ve been hearing that some churches are planning to use Hope Trending as a follow up for Shadow Empire, the series from Voice of Prophecy. The reason why they’re able to do this is because people can easily host a physical Watch Party in their homes, or they can invite their friends to an online Watch Party.


3. Hope Trending will be offered in Spanish. Esperanza TV, the Spanish arm of HopeTV, is providing the technology for live simultaneous translation into Spanish during the event. All of the resources available are also being translated into Spanish and will be available within a few days on hopetrending.org/recursos.

Lets pray for this!


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