Give a car. Change a life. —  July 23, 2016

Give a car, change a life

This month, as a part of Compassion 100k we held an End it Now rally. Hundreds of Adventists from Atlanta gathered at Berean SDA Church to declare our opposition to the sinful practice of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.

The part that was most special to me was the ending. We gave a car to a domestic violence survivor, a mother with three children that is visiting one of the local churches. I am not an emotional person, but even I was moved to see how a mother that has a job, but no reliable transportation, kept repeating over and over to her kids: “look, this is for us, this is for us!”

These three things I learned:

1. Just because we can’t help everyone, doesn’t mean we can’t help someone.

One of the questions people ask is: “wouldn’t this create requests that will be overwhelming?” The short answer is not. This isn’t the first time its happened and we haven’t seen it happen. There are many Domestic Violence survivors in Atlanta. We just changed the life of one. We are grateful to God for the resources for that.

2. Unity maximizes impact.

During 2016 the city churches have been participating in an initiative called Compassion 100k. It was great to see Korean, Anglo, African Americans, Hispanics, Rumanians and many more gathered together. Some had never been in that area before. In a country sometimes deeply divided, the gospel shows that unity maximizes impact.

3. This is part of a process.

The next step is to provide free health care on Sunday August 28th. (volunteers needed, ask me how or wrote Then an evangelism initiative. Compassion needs to become a lifestyle not an initiative.


Thanks for praying for us!

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One response to Give a car. Change a life.

  1. BEING the gospel is transformational……. to the giver, as well as the receiver!