10 Things No One Told me About Ministry

imprrh@gmail.com —  June 9, 2016

Ministry is great. Except when it isn’t. But most of the time is awesome! I wish I had known these 10 things BEFORE I started.

  1. If you close your church on a Sabbath, you seldom make up those tithes and offerings. I wish it was different and people returned a faithful tithe no matter what. Not the case. Prepare to adjust for 10-30% in loss of income that month.
  2. The person who invites you to eat first when you arrive at a new district has the same name everywhere: Hidden Agenda. I always tell pastors to be careful of the one who has nothing good to say, nothing bad to say or invites you first when you get there.
  3. It is hard to rise above the fray and preach biblically and not reactively to people that hate you, want you gone and are actively working to make your life hard. Every church has them. Good people move away and die. These people stay forever!
  4. People will expect you to promote, enhance and sustain ineffective programs you had absolutely no part in creating. My thanks to one of my favorite writers, Pastor Shawn Brace for this one.
  5. Every church has selective conservatives. For example a pastor I know was hit hard for having an Easter Outreach. The people that were upset called him on the carpet about paganism etc. They had a conversation with him with the backdrop of a floor to ceiling bar. Alcohol is OK I guess, as long as you don’t look for eggs one Sunday a year. (Thanks to Kendall Turcios for this one)
  6. It is seldom about preserving pure doctrine. It’s more often than not about control.
  7. The smaller the church the greater the potential for one person to control it. It usually is not you. (see #6)
  8. Everyone wants to reach the lost. As long as they are not like, super lost. We prefer semi-saved people.
  9. Everyone wants to be innovative as long as you keep everything the same. That happens when we fall in love with methods, marry them and have children. There is a need to teach the difference between:




  1. “We don’t believe in traditional evangelism” is usually code for we don’t do any evangelism. We just hope people see our sign or our 1992 webpage and come in.

Thanks for reading!


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