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A while back I was speaking at a church. Everything was ready and I was excited. Then I arrived at the “hotel”.

I was met by: *A front desk with several varieties of condoms for sale.

*A restaurant that doubled as a discotheque (it can’t be called a club, the décor didn’t allow it)

*Shady characters in the hallways.

*Lights that went on and off on their own in my musty room.

After I was done with this event the inviter asked about the accommodations. How do you answer THAT!?

Since I hear so many horror stories, please allow me to share some helpful ideas. There are three principles that are overlooked or blatantly ignored:

  1. Clarity.

If you are a guest speaker be clear. Over-clear. Super-clear. Below I have included a detailed speaker form. That minimizes the hassle of condom selling, haunted, shady discotheque hotels. If an honorarium is expected, ask for it. I always make my own travel accommodations for this reason. Be clear. If you are inviting someone and plan to put him/her in a hotel you wouldn’t stay yourself, fly them Spirit and send them home with a tie or a plaque, then let them know. No bait and switch.

  1. Respect.

Don’t take advantage of the guest. This is especially true for young pastors. The difference between a shady hotel and a good one (not talking 5 stars, just a decent bed without bugs) is for sure less than $50 and often less than $20. Also, the 3 stop ticket, the wait at the airport, the staying with a family with kids that keep them up or the meals that serve crazy food can be avoided. Treat them with:



It doesn’t take that much! You expect third world accommodations in the third world. Not in the USA. If you don’t have the resources, wait a bit and do it right.


  1. Awareness.

Usually the church that invites is thinking about their event, their planning and their success. Put that aside for a moment. The pastor you invited is not paid to minister to you. He/she had to rearrange their schedule, spend time prepping, hire baby sitters, and be away from the family. Traveling isn’t glamorous believe me. No one I know is getting rich off speaking engagements, not in the Adventist church. Those reports you see with mansions and Teslas don’t exist here. More like townhouses and Hondas. Be aware of the other side. Put some respek on that profession!

Any nightmare scenarios you want to share?











Contact Information:

Name: _________________________________________

Address: ____________________________    City:  ________   State:  ____    Zip Code:  ______

Email Address: ________________________            Cell Phone#:  _________________________



Flight Information:     

              I prefer to make my own flight arrangements          

              *Please make flight arrangements for me (please fill in the following information below)

*Name as it appears on your ID: _______________________________

DOB: ______________________       Departure Airport:  __________________

Preferred Airline: __________________        Frequent Flyer # ________________________




Hotel Information:     

              I prefer to make my own hotel reservation              

              *Please make hotel reservations for me (Fill in the following information below.  Also, be sure to bring a credit card to provide for incidentals.  The hotel requests this.)

*Name as it appears on your ID: _______________________________

Preferred Hotel Chain: __________________            Frequent Traveler # ___________________




Car Rental Information:         

              I prefer to make my own car rental reservation       

              *Please make car rental reservations for me (Fill in the following information below.)

*Name as it appears on your ID: _______________________________

DOB: ______________________       Driver’s License #:  __________________  State:  _______

Preferred Car Rental Company: __________________         Membership # _________________





AV Needs:

Projector:                       Laptop:                           Microphone:                 (Type:  _____________)

Remote: ______________________               Other:  ____________________________

I use:                  PC                        MAC     Presentation Format:               Keynote            Powerpoint

Your presentation will be projected from                   Pulpit Connection                            Sound Room




Handouts:       I will bring my own copies/handouts               Please make copies for me

Resources:        Title:  ______________________       Cost:  _____________

Title:  ______________________       Cost:  _____________

Title:  ______________________       Cost:  _____________

Resource Set Up Needs: _______________________________________________________




Special Requests:        (Please inform us of any dietary needs, allergies, or other special requests below)




“Arguing with an antagonist is like playing chess with a pigeon.

They will poop all over your board and then strut around like they won”



New levels bring new devils. Whatever God blesses, the devil attacks, so if you don’t want anyone to attack you, get on your knees tonight and ask God not to bless you! In 26 years as a local pastor and administrator I have observed that antagonists follow a pattern with their attacks. By knowing this information I am about to share, it won’t be less hurtful, but at least you can see the hate coming and prepare better. Another principle to remember is that the following list is not always sequential, but often will include all elements by the time the attack is done.


  1. Control.

The first step is control. This is done two ways:

*Doing favors so you owe them.

*Exerting their influence they perceive they have to make you do what they want.

That is why it’s important to love everyone, but trust a few.

  1. Dismissal

If they can’t control you, they will ridicule, dismiss and even sometimes stop talking to you. Smirks and sarcasm will dominate any interactions. This is the passive/aggressive preferred method. The problem is, the anointing on your life is impossible to ignore. Private anointing brings public blessings and there is no way to ignore God’s operations in your life.


  1. Attack. Letters, emails, phone calls, secret meetings, sucker-punch board meetings. When they see that dismissal and control won’t work, they will resort to direct attacks. It’s sad, but some are not only willing to die for the truth they are willing to kill for it. Often the language is couched in religious jargon, but make no mistake, its pain and removal they are after. This is the hardest part, because what is plainly obvious to you when you see God’s blessing is completely oblivious to them. Everything you do screams threat to them. Stay above the fray. Address the hate but don’t embrace it.


  1. Enlist others to attack.

Another way haters increase the level of attacks is by enlisting others to join them. It is at this point that the depression hits the hardest in you. Your most basic desire is to respond by defending yourself and attacking back. Please resist that temptation. Don’t spend much time following them around to correct the attacks. God has not called you to defend yourself, but to be faithful. Here is what I do:

*Spend extra time in prayer and fasting.

*Talk about it with a trusted friend.

*Go out of my way to act in loving ways to my attackers.

People eventually will see the same issues you saw. It takes a while, but believe me, it will happen.


I feel like some of you are in this position right now. Allow me to pray for you. If you want me to be more specific in my prayers shoot me an email at

Remember that if God is for you, the ones who are against you are wasting their time.