New Methods in Evangelism (that worked in 2016) —  April 11, 2016

“Let every worker in the Master’s vineyard study, plan, devise methods, to reach people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. We must arrest the attention.” – Evangelism, p123.

Last Sunday night we finished a meeting in Orlando Florida. We tried a new method (at least for Hispanics) during the reaping meeting. I was very pleased with the process and results. This was not a city wide meeting like the one we had in Raleigh earlier in the year (I will write about that one soon). It was one church, who dared to do something different.


  1. Need and setting.

Orlando is a big city with a big need. The church is a 1,000 member plus church with varied results in the past doing evangelism. It has 2 services and many young families and busy professionals call it their church home.


  1. Method.

There were several key elements in our process.

*Emphasis on service through season of service.

*A nine month preparation.

          *A well-known, gospel recording artist (Jaci Velazquez, Dany Berrios, Amanecer) Some were Adventist groups. Most were not.

*I spoke the same messages with distinct Adventist flavour as I always do. I covered the five S’s for sure. (Sabbath, state of the dead, second coming, salvation, sacrificial giving) Another important note: I did not spend significant more resources than other series.


  1. Results.

There were five distinguishable characteristics that resulted from this approach. It is important to mention that we sent ZERO mailers. We advertised in radio, people invited their friends to a well-done event (bulk of guests) and musicians advertised for us in their social media pages.

Quantity of guests that attended. The lowest night was 186. That’s guests. In one church. At the end of the week we had over 600 guests that attended at least once.

Young people that attended. Some people say that young people don’t support evangelism. We probably had over 50% under 35. Many couples, with kids, that came every night.

Level of education of people that made decisions. God loves everyone, no matter their level of education. I only mention this because there is the perception that we mostly reach uneducated folk. I had several conversations with medical professionals, engineers, and teachers. People well to do, who not only came, but brought friends with them.

Decisions. We had over 40 baptisms of people who had been coming to church already, and many who signed up for a 8 week follow-up study I wrote called We all have problems on Sabbath morning at SS time.

The “these guys are not weird at all” conversations. We had those with people that had never set foot in a SDA church. Many from other faith backgrounds were introduced to our beliefs because they came for the musician they were familiar with (known) and we shared practical messages with many of our cherished beliefs (unknown). There were many who had no faith background at all, had never trusted Jesus, and time after time shared with me how they brought their friends. I believe Jesus calls us to be different, not weird.

The support of the local church. This church I was told, doesn’t come out during the week. Thing is, they did. A lot. Full house every night. I was glad to see that.

Final recommendations.

This isn’t for everyone. In some of our churches inviting a person from another church is an invitation to your own funeral. Yet we found it to be a great way of reaching the community. I hope to try this again next year in an English speaking church in Tampa (Lifespring). Whatever you do, let’s never lose sight of why we do this. We are about seeing people in heaven.


If you want to see the messages, go here

If you have sincere questions about a specific methodology, please leave them below. If you have a desire to enter into negative discussions please pray for me instead, I have another series coming up in June that will take much of my energy.


Some quotations you may find helpful


“In the cities of today, where there is so much to attract and please, the people can be interested by no ordinary efforts. Ministers … will find it necessary to put forth extraordinary efforts. They must make use of every means that can possibly be devised for causing the truth to stand out clearly and distinctly.” – Testimonies Vol 9, p109.


“Whatever may have been your former practice, it is not necessary to repeat it again and again in the same way. God would have new and untried methods followed. Break in on the people – surprise them.” – Evangelism, p125.


“Let every worker in the Master’s vineyard study, plan, devise methods, to reach people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. We must arrest the attention.” – Evangelism, p123.


“Some of the methods used in this work will be different from the methods used in the past, but let no-one, because of this, block the way by criticism.” – Testimonies Volume 7, p25.


“New methods and new plans will spring from new circumstances.” – Testimonies Vol 6, p476.


“There are some minds which do not grow with the work but allow the work to grow far beyond them…. Those who do not discern and adapt themselves to the increasing demands of the work should not stand blocking the wheels, and thus hindering the advancement of others.” – Evangelism, pages 104, 105.

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One response to New Methods in Evangelism (that worked in 2016)

  1. Thank you for sharing this Roger. I was somewhat curious of what had been done “differently” or “new” during this evangelism effort. Now I see that in fact the FC Church did do some things differently and new like the 9 month preparation and the music. I want to commend you and the Pastors at FC for having the courage to try new methods. I also want to mention that the preparation and member involvement are crucial elements in any evangelistic effort. Praise God for the excellent results. I know that over 40 baptisms for one church is miraculous in this day, so Praise God for that. With that being said, I think another important “result” that is worth mentioning is the rekindling of the church members faith and passion for evangelism when new people join the church. I am sure that the FC church is feeling pretty pumped right now after those awesome meetings. God bless!