Ben and bacon. An Adventist opportunity. —  October 27, 2015

We’re more famous than bacon! For such a small denomination we are certainly in the news a lot lately. Two items in particular have propelled us to the forefront:

1. Ben Carson running for president.

2. Bacon (and other processed meats) as a source of cancer.

Here is an opportunity not to be missed. There are three things you can do (and shouldn’t do) as an Adventist:

1. Contact your elected officials to share what your particular congregation is doing.

Its concerning to me that in many towns the local Adventist church has little connection with elected officials. We are not in the business of endorsing candidates but we can leverage the attention to let people know we exist and are active in the community. I met recently with the US Congressman for Georgia and was able to secure help for a health fair we are doing next year part of COMPASSION 100k. Use a three step process:

Meet with them, ask them what the town needs, do that!

2. Be compassionate as you share the news of the cancer causing meat.

A smug winner is as bad as a sore loser. The way some of us are acting on social media demonstrates a lack of empathy for the people we want to win over. Posting the story is excellent. Smug comments like “I told you so” or “take that you meat eating savages” are not. Our denominational emphasis on health can open many doors, if done in a healthy way. By the way, let’s make sure not to cherry pick stories. There was one last week also about the benefits of dark chocolate. Please don’t send me a link about dark chocolate, just send me some.

3. Use social media advertising.

This article by Rodlie Ortiz is especially appropriate now and a must read:

Once again, with our name recognition increasing, leverage that attention to drive people to check you out. According to the latest research, a “cause” will raise the interest of the “nones” in your church. So as I finish today let me ask you three simple questions:

When are you contacting your elected officials to share what your church is doing and ask what the city needs?

How are you using social media to let people know where to find you?

Are you being respectful as your share the new findings on health?

And last but most important,

When was the last time you had some dark chocolate?

Let me know what your church is doing in the comment section.

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3 responses to Ben and bacon. An Adventist opportunity.

  1. Fabulous, left me chuckling.
    Great timely advice!
    Kate Matthews.
    P.S. Rodlie’ a pretty good guy. 😃👍

    • Very insightful ..we should have been making these connections in our communities…not so we can now say .,see I was right all along, but because we love our neighbors and wish the best for them.

  2. Completely agree! I’m meeting this week with our TN State Department Of Public Health and reaching out to our Governor’s Office.