The Power of a Church Plant- Ignite Fellowship —  October 7, 2015

The Power of a Church Plant

Five Things Ignite Fellowship Church Plant is Doing Right

A while back a group of youth and young adults, concerned about the disconnection from church by their peers and worried about their salvation decided to start a church called Ignite. Last year a Pastor Kendall Turcios was assigned and the church has grown. It targets and it is led mostly by Millennials.

I visited the church last weekend. This is what I learned:

1. The power of friendliness.

Although the first impressions team could have done a better job at the door it was more than made up when I entered the sanctuary. The atmosphere was friendly, the people that participated in the platform were real and the pastor and his family were approachable. People will put up with a lot, if they find warmth and friendliness.

2. The power of a testimony.

The person who did the prayer shared about her life and how she came to Ignite after being far from God for years, got re-baptized and has brought her family with her.

Another participant shared how she drives close to an hour to attend, because of the deep impact Ignite has made in her life.

Testimonies work. Its 10,000 better than a flyer in the mail. They are relatable, repeatable and real. Use them.

3. The power of excellence.

Music was well done. The connection cards, information booth, signage, and platform décor all connected with their logo (see below) One of the principles I teach to churches is the need to eliminate as much as possible the “cringe factor”. That’s when things happen in church that are distracting, mediocre or just plain weird for outsiders. There was little of that here.

4. The power of service.

They were kicking of the Season of Service, a 40 day intentional service oriented program that has benefited churches all over the division. It’s very easy for a church to consume itself with itself. Ignite has woven service into all they do. I am excited to see what results they have after the 40 days.

5. The power of grace orientation.

A young man approached me at the end of the service. He said: “I have been attending and studying with Adventists for seven years. I heard today that God accepts me as I am. I am very close to making a final decision.” Grace is attractive, transformative and foundational. If Jesus is lifted up…


If you’d like to know more about Ignite here are the points of contact.

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  1. Can you share more about Season of Service? Is it an exclusively Adventist concept? Where can i find out more about this?

  2. Thanks for the blog, visit, and assessement.