Leaving well

imprrh@gmail.com —  September 9, 2015

Eventually we all leave. No matter the reason, there is a good way to leave and a bad way to leave. Even after a messy divorce from your previous employer there are things to keep in mind to make the transition to the new position a smoother one:

  1. Prepare the people around you for your exit.

You can prepare the people around you. Here are two examples:

  1. One pastor I know sat with his board and told them: “a new pastor is coming. He/she is probably going to change some things I did. I want you to know I am ok with it and I am praying that you will be supportive of his vision.”
  2. Another pastor got to a district and found a previous pastor in his members’ homes, attending birthdays, and lending an ear. He excused by saying he can’t help in people see him out. Yes you can, dude, yes you can.
  1. Prepare yourself for the exit.

No matter where you go, news from that previous assignment will make their way to you. Prepare by making a solemn promise to yourself that you will not intervene, help, or get depressed because of what is happening. You did your time, and the people where you are deserve your undivided attention. You don’t need to keep in touch, don’t need to perform weddings and Quiceaneras unless it’s your sister and even then think twice.

  1. Resist the urge.

Don’t be bitter, don’t throw social media bombs, and don’t do the passive aggressive song and dance. Just leave. No one repented from angry words they never got a chance to say. If you were reassigned or let go unjustly time has a way of showing it and vindicating you. If you were the one mistaken, angry outburst and bitter posts only complicates things.

Leave well.

What are some recommendations you have found helpful as you have left?


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One response to Leaving well

  1. Hello Roger, I think leaving well, leaving thoughtfully, is hugely important. I believe most people downplay how significant their departure is. I believe that the ability oo love well as you leave is one of the more significant indicators of how close we are to Jesus. Thank you for what you wrote on this really important topic.