Church Plant Profile: Advent Project —  July 6, 2015

I have a burden for church planting. After being involved in it for most of my ministry, I haven’t found many other better ways of growing the kingdom. Advent Project is a new church plant in San Antonio. I visited with my family last Sabbath and here are my impressions.

  1. Intentional guest process. You would be amazed at how many churches have no intentional strategy to assimilate, welcome and connect with guests. The moment you arrive at Advent Hope you are met at the door by Millennials who welcome you with a smile. Then two more invited us to join their Sabbath School (it’s called Essentials). They did not just tell us where to go, they went with us, and showed us to our seats. The whole service walked the fine line with guests:

They did not overwhelm us.

They did not ignore us.

  1. Apologetics. It was clear by their literature, discussions and message that the leadership team valued making sure we engage both mind and heart. We met a young man who ate lunch with us. He shared that he was a PHD Student at a university close by. He was searching for God, started reading his bible and looked online for a church that worshiped on Sabbath. He found AP. Has been attending ever since. Another guest used to be an atheist, now comes regularly. It’s no secret why they have gone from 12 to over 50 in 7 months. They take seriously the things the bible takes seriously and they don’t the ones the bible does not.
  2. Use of media. Their website is modern and attractive, their literature/brochure is as well. It doesn’t look from the 90’s and that’s awesome. Here, take a look: How many church websites look like that?

This is a church to keep an eye on. If you want to connect with the pastor, here is his twitter:

When will you plant? Here is their desire:

We believe in…

Creativity over complacency.

Relationships over results.

Prayer over programs.

Christ above all else.

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