Five things you CAN do after the SCOTUS Ruling on Same Sex Marriage —  June 29, 2015

The internet is ablaze with news on the court’s decision that allows same sex couples to wed. In the midst of the discussion about what happened and how it affects Christians and churches, there are some things you can’t control. There are some things you can. If you are a Christian, there are five things you can do:

  1. You can have a great marriage.

It is certainly harder to make a case for the sanctity of marriage by a Christian church that has similar percentages of divorce than unbelievers. Love your spouse. Show the world that the biblical model works, it’s a blessing and can help you grow in faith. Pray with and for your family. Restore the family altar. Instead of interminably reposting articles, spend some of that time loving your spouse and praying for you kids. Not many people changed their minds because of an article they read. Many did because of a relationship they had and an example they admired.

  1. You can trust God.

You can disagree with the court. That is your right. You can express your concern. That is your privilege. Just don’t forget God was not surprised nor is he rendered powerless by a court’s decision. You can still trust God to work out whatever He chooses, however He chooses.

  1. You can be kind.

I perfectly understand the preoccupation that arises when what was, is no longer. I just pray we are kind. You can be principled and patient, courageous and kind, clear and loving. Remember that everyone is in need of grace, including yourself.

  1. You can remain calm.

One of the unfortunate consequences that happen during highly controversial times is the jumping to conclusions based on fear and speculation instead of facts. No one is coming to padlock your church doors this weekend. No one is forcing our pastors to marry same sex couples. Argentina and Canada allow it and our churches there still share the word every Sabbath. That is not to say we should be silent or oblivious. We should practice what divers do when in a difficult situation: remain calm and work it out.

  1. You can continue to share the gospel.

A thought for my Adventist friends. The power of the gospel is incredibly more effective than any political strategy. If we believe that the gospel is not just the verbal assent to a doctrine but that it results in changed lives, wouldn’t it make sense to getting as many people as we can exposed to it as fast as we can?

Let’s pray that our mission is not detoured by the fixation on a decision. Share the gospel. Love your family. Live for Jesus.

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3 responses to Five things you CAN do after the SCOTUS Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

  1. If we spent as much time focusing on Christ as we do the antichrist and beast powers I believe Jesus would have already come. Thanks for reminding us what to focus on.

  2. Amen, Tom. Someone asked me, when unsaid something similar, “but wouldn’t it be cruel not to warn people that they are headed down a path of sin?” My response: do you think they haven’t been “warned” enough by the church? Have we been kind and displayed the love of Jesus? Another friend said, “I hope those who are angered by this decision were just as angry when a gay couple were denied the right to make a decision for a sick spouse, or when they were treated with judgment instead of kindness when they came to the church together.”

  3. Michael Bisson July 12, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    All very good advice however it fall’s a little short given the very serious situation the church is facing. Yes God will ultimately work this out according to His will, never the less we have a part to do. They’re Christian who are losing their job and others losing their business because they choose to stand for their faith in not catering to same sex marriages. The Supreme Court ruled as it did mainly because the same sex community are extremely aggressive in getting what they want, while the christen community sits dormant. It will be a serious blow to the Seventh-day Adventist church if it is forced to perform same sex marriages or lose their 503c filling status. If everything continues as it has it will be here in two to three years.

    Mike Bisson
    Clerk, Sterling S.D.A. Church