What I plan to do right after the Women’s Ordination Vote

imprrh@gmail.com —  June 11, 2015

I know you’re thinking “boy, I wish someone would write one more article on Women’s Ordination”. Well, your wish is my command. I have prayed about this for a while now, and I have decided to take a particular course of action the moment the vote is taken:

  1. I plan to pray for my church. (its God’s church, really)

This church was His before I was here, and it will be His after I am just a mention in an old yearbook. I wonder how many times we have prayed for the church. Not for others to agree with us. Not for others to change. Not for others to comply, or else. To truly pray, wishing the best on the whole body, not just the people I agree with is not just commendable, it’s a command! I will pray.

  1. I plan to finish the year with evangelism.

Atlanta is my focus in the last semester of this year. We are planning to minister to three thousand people in one day with a health fair, and follow that up with twenty five simultaneous evangelistic meetings that will conclude with a city wide three day reaping meeting.  We are praying for 500 new believers to come into the church this year as a result. While I hold strong views in support of women in ministry, an even strongly held value is lost people and their need for a savior. I won’t allow a controversy to determine the quality of the effort in reaching those God misses the most.

  1. I plan to love people I disagree with. Some from a distance.

This is not always easy. I don’t spend time arguing on Facebook and will swiftly unfriend and block aggressive saints that are not only willing to die for the truth, they are willing to kill for it. That does not mean I don’t love them. I agree with Jon Accuff that sometimes the best gift you can give an attacker is distance. Loving means not calling them names, questioning motives or demonizing people. Loving mean giving those on the opposite side the same grace I’ve experienced in my own life.

Won’t you join me in praying, working and loving?


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3 responses to What I plan to do right after the Women’s Ordination Vote

  1. Roger, I couldn’t agree with you more. but don’t forget that a no vote, will hurt our female counterparts deeply. Many of them are crying out for equality and recognition of their calling to ministry. we need to put ourselves in their shoes.
    so there must continue to be a loud cry until justice equality and democracy will prevail over, culture, class, rank, idiosyncrasy, male domination, dictatorship, or a plain disdain for women as pastors and leaders. They need our support to stand by them. Recognizing and understanding their feelings is important Roger. you are doing an awesome Job at NAD. God Bless you.

  2. I agree Roger, whatever deduction we make as a church community we have a mission that requires commitment, sacrifice, passion and love for those who are living lost and without hope.

  3. Only an evangelist would think that way.