Three things Ron Halvorsen Sr. taught me —  May 15, 2015

In the early 90’s I was a theology student with a desire to make a difference. In early December I found out about the Evangelism Council and along with my friend Jose Cortes Jr. signed up to go. We were prohibited to attend (at least I was) by the Greek teacher, but we went anyway. I ended up having to repeat the class. It was worth it.

I heard this tall, rough around the edges, straight talking preacher with a New York accent. He spoke on the word Go. He said: “I looked up the word Go in the Greek, and it means…Go!”

He made an impact on my life. As I reflected on his life (he fell asleep in Jesus today) I want to share three things I learned from this evangelism giant:

1. You can be real. He was one of the first preachers I connected with, that didn’t try to impress me with oratory but rather spoke truth he was obviously living himself. He told stories about real people, with real issues. He spoke “truth with handles”. It was relatable. It was memorable. It was real. Not a lot of real people in the world. He was one.

2. You don’t have to please everyone. Not everyone liked his style. Not everyone liked the fact that he extended grace to people. He would suffer no fools, he had little time to argue finer points of theology because he was committed to growing the kingdom.

3. His passion for evangelism. I heard three speakers that week that inspired me. Ron, EE, Finley. They all had their styles. They all had their methods. They were all successful. Ron Halvorsen Sr. had credibility when he spoke about evangelism because he did evangelism.

Rest in Jesus.

Go, still means Go.

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