The Surge: An Update —  May 4, 2015

Last February I wrote a blog on an evangelistic initiative on Sunday morning from First Church in Huntsville Alabama.

The reaction to that eight week outreach was swift. It was basically divided into three responses:

  1. Surge is a compromise, the beginning of the Omega Apostasy and the worst thing ever.
  2. Surge is an innovative evangelism that should be tried.
  3. Surge has elements that I disagree with and some I don’t, let’s take a wait and see attitude.

The trial period is over. These are my reflections:

  1. It amazing how quickly we rush to judge things we have no immediate knowledge of. People hear Sunday and Worship together and go crazy. Some of the internet posts were not only pointedly critical, they were downright angry and nasty. Having talked with Pastor Snell from the beginning, I know for a fact most did not contact him or the church and ask questions. Mathew 18 was thrown out, and replaced by accusations and innuendos. I believe we can do better.
  2. Results matter. No I am not saying that the ends justify the means. No I am not saying that we should use EVERY new strategy people come up with. Yes I am saying that just because we shouldn’t use EVERY new strategy we shouldn’t use ANY new strategy.

He preached biblical doctrine.

He did it on a trial period. For 8th weeks.

He had 10 baptisms with 10 more getting ready.

There was no confusion, there was no apostasy. In fact the opposite happened.

  1. Believe the source, not the media, (social, print or online) I have learned after a while that websites, news outlets and people will often spin to their preconceived concepts. That includes all of us, myself included. That is why it’s important to speak to the source. They have much more information that a third party.

The first Surge is now over. Here are the results. It would be wise to take a look at what happened, including the addition to the church of over ten people. As I said in the first blog, they need our prayers much more than our opinions.

Watch a full report here:

Truth is not afraid of innovation.

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2 responses to The Surge: An Update

  1. I’m really glad to hear about the results. I didn’t know that this was going to be, essentially, an 8 week evangelistic service held on a Sunday. I thought this was going to be a perpetual service on a Sunday that would be very similar to the Sabbath service. So I assume he’ll do these again sometime?

  2. A. L. Caldwell May 6, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    Thank you so much for that update – I hope a lot of people who attacked this Pastor and his evangelistic efforts see this post!