Internet Drama: 10 Questions You Should be Asking Yourself —  February 16, 2015

The words Cyber Attack revealed in computer machine code through a magnifying glass  - stock photoHe said. She said. He shared an EGW quote, she doubled it. If you noticed, internet drama is common, even expected. Nothing wrong with expressing your views and convictions online, after all, it’s YOUR wall, but I wanted to take a moment to ask for reflection. Before you engage in another of those internet skirmishes, think of this:

  1. 1. As you look at our present discussion over WO, #Surge, whatever, is the tone of the present discussion more or less likely to attract unbelievers to the church?
  2. Why do you feel the need to get defensive over every point?
  3. After engaging in an internet skirmish, do you feel closer to God? To your brother and sister?
  4. Are there better things you could be doing?
  5. Do you really think the other side will change because you provided a list of quotes?
  6. How much time do you spend praying for people you disagree with? As much time as you spend arguing?
  7. You do know that unbelievers are monitoring the conversation, right?
  8. When young people watch you write are they inspired to grow closer to God or is it just another confirmation in their minds about church people having irrelevant conversations?
  9. How many people have you personally led to Christ in the last 12 months?
  10. Who died and appointed you God?


Stick to the main thing and make sure the main thing remains the main thing.

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