Unafraid: 7 Ways Fear Keeps You Stuck

imprrh@gmail.com —  January 12, 2015

I don’t like scuba diving. I’m afraid of snakes and heights. I’m not a fan of being in the dark, by myself. That’s exactly the reason why I took a scuba diving class, went to Africa’s bush on a mission trip and sleep alone in hotels frequently. The height challenge? I’m still working on that! Fear. If you’re human, you experience it, but if you want to grow, you are going to need to deal with it. Successful people take risks, which often causes fear. Consider this: “…while preparing hundreds of executives to face tomorrow’s challenges, Apte’s team has made some surprising discoveries about the common problems modern professionals face. Rather than a lack of time, money, or manpower, many stem from two unlikely sources, he says. Specifically: a lack of risk tolerance and a resistance to change. Steinberg, Scott (2015-01-06). Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty (Kindle Locations 56-59). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

Here are 7 reasons people let fear win (instead of taking risks to be successful):

  1. Fear of failure.

Failure is the cost of doing ministry, or business, or life. If you are not experiencing significant success often, it probably means you are not failing enough.

  1. Fear of embarrassment.

What will they say? What will they think? How will they react? Let me ask you a question. Since when are other people’s opinions the driving force behind your decisions?

  1. Fear of losing control.

If your primary goal is to keep control over every detail, and your spiritual gift is micromanaging, then people will call you “the boss” but never successful.

  1. Fear of rejection.

Rejection is the sandpaper that God uses to polish the work of art he is creating in you. It’s not your enemy, it’s your ally.

  1. Fear of confrontation.

What we don’t confront we don’t conquer, so stopping from moving because you will need to confront attitudes, people and systems is not a valid reason. You are the leader. Not the peace-keeper.

  1. Fear of isolation.

It’s true, it’s lonely at the top, but God seldom gives the vision to the people. He shares with one what will benefit many.

  1. Fear of change and uncertainty.

Fear smuggles your past into your future. Go TSA on it and stop it at the gate. Live your life based more on imagination and less on memory.   What are you afraid of? What change or initiative are you wanting to do but are afraid to? If you want me to pray for you, leave a comment or message me.   (today’s blog was based on the book: Steinberg, Scott (2015-01-06). Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty)


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