Why Church Planting Makes a Difference

imprrh@gmail.com —  December 30, 2014

I arrived at 10:30am, right when breakfast and bible classes around tables start. After a healthy breakfast, we went to the sanctuary, where the worship service was intentional, and to the point. Music, prayer and message followed by tithes and offerings and a short announcement. We were eating another healthy potluck by 12:15pm.

Triad Adventist Church is a new church plant in North Carolina. Started only 6 months ago, it is averaging close to 100 people a week. After worshipping with them last Sabbath and listening to stories from their attendees, I reflected on the similarities to other church plants.

Here are three ways that church plants make a difference.

  1. “I fit here.”

More than one person I spoke to expressed the same sentiment: This church has given me an opportunity to use my talents. That is a consistent occurrence in church plants. People that were relegated to pew sitters/warmers suddenly find themselves leading and serving. No matter the intentionality of the mother church, there are just so many offices to be filled. New churches provide new opportunities and levels of involvements. One more significant item. This church is LAY LED. It’s growing. It’s making an impact.

  1. “I came back here.”

Several families, young adults and even former church leaders that had stopped attending have returned. It’s amazing what a grace orientation does for a church. The focus I saw in Triad is a greater preoccupation for serving and reaching the community than for the myriad of secondary issues we often divide over. As one of the members put it: “I’ve been waiting for this church for 58 years”. New churches provide an option for people that have been burned, bypassed or bored.

  1. “I love it here.”

It’s no secret that Adventist churches have a challenge retaining their youth. As I looked into the audience, I could see a cross section of people that were represented:

Different age groups. This was not a “youth church”. It was a church that had everyone.

Different backgrounds. Former Adventists. New members. Non-members. Long-time members.

Different races. It was diverse and that is a great thing.

The most important question I left with, after visiting Triad is:

Where are the other church plants?

Let’s start by having one in every city. Triad is already planning their baby. Their dream is not to be a mega church, but to expand the kingdom. I am praying for more church plants.

When are you planting?

Here is their info: http://triadadventistfellowship.org/


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3 responses to Why Church Planting Makes a Difference

  1. Roger, can you comment on how they do the children’s ministry (SS). I checked the website and they don’t have info yet. If they start at 10:30 breakfast and 11:00 worship what do they do with the kids and when?

    • imprrh@gmail.com December 30, 2014 at 7:53 pm

      they have children’s church I know but not sure what they do for ss time

      • So, they do Children’s Church every Sabbath? That would eliminate the need for a children’s Sabbath School. That’s always been my concern over how to shorten the services. A lot of churches now do simultaneous children program while adults are in the worship service. Requires lots of volunteers to sacrifice the worship time or a good rotation people are ok with so that the kids have a good program.
        Thanks Roger