Please Fix Your Church’s Website —  November 3, 2014

I was invited to speak at a church. The day before my appointment I was looking online for information on the congregation, more specifically a way to contact the pastor. I was unable to. That and many similar experiences with our church online presence led me to wonder what seekers think when they see our websites.

In case you haven’t heard, the technological age is here. If your church has a non-existent presence on the internet you might be missing opportunities to connect with new or potential members. Furthermore if your church website is outdated, difficult to navigate and lacks important information (more on that in a bit) you might be saying to a whole demographic: “Please don’t come here, we’re good”.

Here are three recommendations:

  1. Make the main thing the main thing.

If I am Joe Unchurched, Mary Seeker or Peter Lookingforachurch the main questions I need answered in your website’s FIRST page are the following:

Where are you?

What are your service times?

How can I contact you?

Having me navigate through several options to try and find information that could be on the first page is madness and a turnoff. Nice pictures, a welcome, or the history of the SDA church are nice but not at the expense of the main thing. Every extra click, it’s a reason to click away.

Here is a church that does that right:


  1. Make your 2014 church website look different than a 1994 one.

1994 called. They want their templates back. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!) In the website world, like in real estate, the key is template, template, template. I did an internet search for churches in Lawrenceville, GA where I live. If someone just moved into the area, there is a high probability they would look online for a church. I found information that was not very helpful or non-existent. The websites looked dated and provided little helpful information about the church itself. We can do better, and it’s not that complicated!

Another point where I see churches dropping the ball is having church newsletters on your website that are from 2012 or earlier. That’s just wrong. If it’s dated, you’re dated. No Bueno.


  1. Make your church website simple.

The more tabs you have, the more information you will need and the more time consuming it will become. Since most people can’t afford a full time webmaster, the cleaner and simpler the website the better and the less outdated content you will risk having. Look how clean and simple (yet well done) this website is: That’s a 25,000-member church. Now compare with any of our churches websites. Not the same, I know. But you get my point.


On upcoming weeks I will talk about branding, logos and mission statements. Meanwhile, here are some for you to look at:

  1. Giveaway I am offering a 1-hour church media consultation for FREE for two winners. If you read this blog, or have a church in the Southern Union, you are eligible. Just put your name in the comment section, email me at or DM me on twitter @leadsu and I will draw one name before next week’s blog. This giveaway is courtesy of, an extremely effective Adventist media team that can take care of all your needs. They get it. So should all of us.

This what the giveaway includes:

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17 responses to Please Fix Your Church’s Website

  1. This is something I have been working toward in my district. We will be laughing our new website in January.

    One thing that has always bothered me about our Websites, I came in the church in my adult years, is that the wonderful smiling faces on the website have never been inside of that church. I visited a church when I lived in AZ where I gained all the information on the website. Not one person in the photos was at church. It was not until years later that I found out those pictures are just part of the template. So I would add another point is to make sure a church adds its information and does not just leave the template information.

    As always I look forward to reading your blog each week. Do you still do the monthy we conference? I enjoyed that was well.

    Tom Kyser

  2. Kymone Hinds
    Overton Park SDA Church

    Would definitely be interested in the consultation?

  3. This blog is really helpful! I’m currently the communication director of Hialeah Spanish Church and I would love to be one of the winners of the contest.
    Name: Gabrielys Carvajal

  4. We would love to take advantage of your church media consultation giveaway for our church’s website, we surely need it.

  5. Thank you for the offer and I will work to improve our sites.
    Shaun Brooks
    Grandview and Sweetwater District

  6. Your gesture of love is much appreciated.

  7. Very helpful information. Interested in the consultation.

  8. Samuel M. Dade, Jr.
    Patmos Chapel

  9. Point Number 2 made me laugh! haha. So true dude!

  10. Would love to be able to consult with them about some updates.

  11. Mickey Mallory
    Standifer Gap Church

  12. Dan SchIffbauer November 4, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Dan SchIffbauer
    Altamonte Springs, Florida

  13. Yes please…I could use some pointers and ideas for our website…

  14. Thank you Roger, we really need help to improve our online presence.
    We would like to participate on the consultation.
    Our website