Southern Union Men’s Prayer Conference —  September 5, 2014

Men. Prayer. That is two words that s7-22-14 Posterhould go together, but often don’t. On October 3-5 of 2015, that can change!

When I was a local church pastor I had a much harder time getting the Men’s Ministry going than I did the Women’s Ministry. I don’t know why that was, but at times it was like pulling teeth. Once we started doing the breakfasts and outings, things changed for the better.

We have a wonderful opportunity next month to do something for the men in our churches. Its idea was birthed by the desire to see men come together and grow as leaders, fathers, husbands, godly men.

Here are 5 ways you can help the men in your church grow through this event:

1. Encourage your men to go. Let them know the benefits of “coming away awhile.” We are not human doings, we need to mirror God’s rhythm that is: Work. Rest. Work. Rest. When we break that rhythm we become broken. Spending time in sustained prayer can cure a million ills.

2. Sponsor at least one person from your church. It can be the Men’s Ministry or potential Men’s Ministry Director. It can be a man that you know needs a weekend away from the turmoil in his life. It can be someone that you have seen go above and beyond for the church. The quality of the event will not only impress them, but will bless them.

3. Let your men know about it. I perfectly understand the constant barrage of events that you are asked to promote. Just share this information with your people via email. Let people know. Let God do the rest.

4. Go. Here is an idea: Why don’t you get a speaker for the day, give your wife a nice gift card, kiss the dog goodbye and come join us? Trust me, your church will survive, while you are growing.

5. Bring a guest. Events like these are great evangelism opportunities. Help a guest get there and it can make a difference in his life both now and in eternity.

Don’t go for the speakers, although there will be excellent speakers. Don’t go for the seminars although they will instruct and inspire. Go for God. Go for growth. Go.

*The deadline has been extended!

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One response to Southern Union Men’s Prayer Conference

  1. Just found out about this prayer conference. Has the deadline passed? If not could you send me all the info. And hotel info. Thank you. Joe Leeds, Men’s Ministry Lead. East Pasco SDA Church, Zephyrhills, Fl. Send to my e-mail. Thank you.