Great Resource Giveaway! —  April 16, 2014

*I’m giving away something valuable. More on that later.

Let’s be frank. Many of the church resources (and TV programs) we have put out through the years has been subpar at best. That has caused many of our churches to look elsewhere for quality materials.

One of the nice things of being in my position is seeing new resources when they come out (or before). I am a member of the Advent Source Board ( ) and just this week we took a look at several projects that I believe can be of benefit to you.

In the coming weeks, I will share several resources that I have personally seen. Hopefully these can be a blessing to your congregation. I will also be giving away one of each. So, be on the lookout.

This week:

Family Resources

These two are probably the best we have ever produced. Ever.

1. Help I am a parent!

A ten week curriculum, videos, study guides, everything you need to grow as a parent.

Help! I'm A Parent - Book and DVD Set

2. Mad About Marriage.

A six week curriculum. This is probably one of the best resources on for couples, bar none.Mad About Marriage:  Flipping The Switch – Small Group Curriculum

How can I use this? Here are three ideas:

1. Small Group. The great thing about small groups is that they can happen pretty much everywhere. This can be a great way to help the church invite their friends and it doesn’t last forever.

2. Sabbath School time. I did this in my last church and it worked great! The couples take off from their regularly scheduled SS class, and join this class.

3. Sermon series. Family is always a felt need. Advertise in your community and invite people for your series. If you combine with #1, the better.

*Now here is the giveaway: Next Monday, when the regularly scheduled blog comes out I will pick one of the subscribers of the blog. That person will win. They can decline their gift, if they so choose. We will try to start some regular giveaways of stuff you can actually use!

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