PK’s in the Age of Preacher’s Daughters —  March 13, 2014

I have a preacher’s daughter. I have a preacher’s son. They went to church because I took them. One day they will decide whether to continue to attend. I CANNOT guarantee that my kids will remain Adventist the rest of their lives. I can, however, increase the possibilities. I ask myself a question countless parents have asked themselves, including EGW: “Many times I ask myself the question, Will my dear children be saved in the kingdom?” (EGW Green Spring, Ohio, March 2, 1858)

These last two weeks we have heard about an SDA PK that has not made the best choices and it is in a reality TV show called “Preacher’s Daughters”. As I reflected on them, I thought about the following:

1. For haters: Spare me the indignation.

Too many of the posts on blogosphere are not that kind. It’s easier to stay back and wonder about the parenting and condemn the bad choices. We see the behavior. We seldom understand the pain and dysfunction that causes it. I am not condoning the behavior, but I do wonder if all the gossip and criticism will drive her deeper into rebellion.

2. For parents: Engage in warfare.

We know we are involved in a spiritual battle. My motto with mu own children is this:

“We will fight for you. Not with you.”

Let’s engage the real enemy. Pray. Fast. Pray some more. Till Jesus comes.

3. For everyone: Love unconditionally.

Pastor’s kids are just that, kids. They possess no supernatural powers, or should not be expected to perform as super-Christians. Give them a break. Love them. Nurture them. Make them want to be pastors when they grow up by the way you treat their parents.

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  1. This is a great post! You hit the nail on the head with this whole issue. Thanks for posting!