3 Keys to Success in Dating

imprrh@gmail.com —  December 13, 2013

In order to have a good dating relationship, practice the following:
1. Be real. Dating is a way of finding out whether you are compatible, yet many hide their true identity. Be who you are now as this helps the adjustment later. The sooner the other person knows who you truly are, and vice versa, the sooner you can know if this is a relationship worth pursuing. Why are some so afraid to be real when dating?

2. Be responsible. Ellen White warns us about “playing with other people’s hearts.” A responsible Christian will not date “because I feel lonely this summer,” or “because all my friends have someone and I feel left out.” If you are not sure, don’t proceed. Have you seen any of your friends get hurt because of irresponsible dating? What can you do to prevent it?

3. Be respectful. Since sex is for marriage, and heavy petting can lead to sex, it is recommended that the physical aspect of dating be kept to a minimum; it should not be the deciding factor on whether you date someone or not. Treat your date like royalty. Treat yourself like you are worthy. Don’t let others use your body for their pleasure, for life is more than looks. How can you increase your self-worth? What if you have already gone too far, what can you do?



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