Remix- A Young Adult Church in Un-churched Portland —  December 8, 2013
Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking for Remix Adventist Church in Portland, Oregon ( This church plant was started by Pr. Samuel Moreno, with the mentorship of Pr. David Merino. Pr. Edwin Vargas is the pastor now. Portland is one of the most un-churched cities in North America, yet this church plan is thriving. How? Here are four observations.

1. Empowering a younger demographic.

Remix has 64 members and over 120 in attendance. I asked for people that were over 40 years old to raise their hands and there were a total of 5. Most are young couples with kids. Many professionals with their own businesses. It was so wonderful to see passionate young adults leading in all areas. In one year the church has doubled its attendance and tithe. Baptisms are frequent. So are new people. They average close to 20 non-adventists every week.

2. Inspiring Worship.

The worship service consisted of 4 elements.


Praise and Worship/Prayer



No fluff. No announcements. (Halleluiah!) No dead time. Fast, intentional, specific, biblical. At the end of the message, 5 people responded to the call to take their relationship with God to another level, and become members.

3. Multicultural expression.

Will the church of the future be white? Black? Hispanic? The answer is yes! The millennial generation cares much more about a God they can experience than about the race of the people they experience Him with. Remix is being intentional about moving to a multicultural expression of church. In attendance were people from various races, and more are coming every day.

4. Birth tested by fire.

When Remix was being born and transitioning to a new location, there was significant opposition from some in the mother church (as is the case with many church plants). I remember a conversation with an older member that stated that she preferred for the young people to be in a church with a language they struggled with and not in leadership, than to release them to lead and plant. Letters were written. Phone calls were made. But the church plant went ahead and God has blessed. One of the questions we need to ask ourselves when opposition comes is this one: Will this be worth it, 10 years from now? I am happy to say, yes it was. Seeing baptisms, new people in leadership and the church multiplying not just growing by addition is worth it. I pray for every city to have a strategy to church plant. Yes, there will be hiccups along the way, but at the end of the road, when you look back, it will be worth it.

If you would like to contact the pastor here is his email:,

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