10 Commandments of Relationships

imprrh@gmail.com —  August 27, 2013

1.If you don’t want the relationship don’t seek the attention.

2.Before God gave Eve to Adam, he made a job for Adam. If he ain’t working, he ain’t worth it.

3. Look for a bible. A different address than his mother. Not crazy.

4. You attract who you are. Those closest to you are most like you.

5. Most guys will exaggerate. 1st base becomes a triple by next week.

6. You can recover from a burn. But you will always see the scars.

7. The worse time to come up with a plan is when you need one.

8. You lose nothing by waiting. You can lose a lot by rushing in.

9. Serial dating prepares you for divorce.

10. If relationship drama follows you everywhere, YOU’RE IT!


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