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Dealing with Impatience

Most people are impatient by nature.  I have to admit I am one of them.  I want things to move faster, people to change quicker, problems to be resolved in an instant.  A biblical principle that has helped me deal with my impatience is this: 

There isn’t much you can do to accelerate God’s blessing, but there is a lot you can do to delay it. 

The bible speaks about “the appointed time” and that “there is a time and a season for everything”.  Timing is everything, as we deal with spiritual issues.  One of the clearest examples of this principle at work is the journey that the people of Israel took from Egypt to the promised land.  A journey that should have taken days took decades.  Why?  Impatience and a bad attitude.  Every time Israel said: “We don’t like our leaders”.  God said, “one more time around the dessert”. Every time they complained about the water, the food, the anything, God said: “One more time.”  The truth is that one of the fastest ways to delay your blessing is a bad attitude, that makes us say things like…

*Why can’t I have that church?

*Why won’t people follow me?

*Why isn’t everyone committed to evangelism in my church?

*How come he’s in that position and I am not?

*How come she got married and I’m still single?

You know how God responds?  “One more time…”  If your life seems to be stuck in the desert, you spiritual feet are moving but not really going anywhere, one of the first things I would check would be your attitude.  If your attitude is one of impatience, a correction needs to be done immediately.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are times when we must act decisively, when we must go forward in Jesus name.  But a lot of damage has been done because:


*We moved ahead without consensus.

*We left before it was time.

*We started without God’s blessing.


Underneath impatience lies control.  Since it’s a control issue, relinquish it to God. Understand that there are things:

*That I will never change- leave those alone.

*That will change slowly- have patience.

*That need changing now- have courage.

The key is to have the divine gift of discernment, to know which is which. Leave me your prayer request…here!