Holy Interruption

imprrh@gmail.com —  May 21, 2013

I was very engaged with an article that I was writing. Words were flowing, thoughts were coming. The structure was being carefully crafted, to be sent out and bless people far and wide. Then it happened. My son came into the room and asked me if we could play. What would you do? What do you do, when “interruptions happen?”

Most of us see interruptions as negative occurrences that come to disturb our carefully crafted calendar, but it need not be so. Jesus performed most of his miracles after an interruption. Here are three principles to make interruptions your ally:

1.    They may seem like interruptions to you, but they were on God’s calendar.

We define interruptions as “an encounter or event that was not planned.” If we look at the life of Jesus as an example, we can see his reaction to interruptions.
*The first miracle. Jesus went to a party to celebrate a wedding, ended up providing wine for everyone.
*The encounter with the woman with an issue of blood. He was on his way to Jairus’ house to perform a miracle, ended the day by doing two.
There are many more examples. Jesus blessed children, resurrected dead people, healed others, all out of the programmed schedule for that day. That interruption you are experiencing might be God’s chance to perform a miracle.


2. Submit your calendar to God, which involves surrendering control of yours.

Someone said that if you want to make God smile tell him your final/definite plans. There are two types of personalities. Systematic and spontaneous. The systematics especially have problems when plans change. Whatever your personality, begin each day with the realization that being organized is good, but not to the point that organization resists divine interruption. Submit your calendar to God. You’re not in the driver’s seat, and Jesus is your co-pilot. Wait for interruptions that may come into your life today. Remember what the prophet Isaiah said:

Isaiah 41:4 “I am the only God and I keep under control everything that happens in this world. I have existed from the beginning, and will exist until the end. ”

3.      Instead of thinking how the interruption affects you, think about how it helps others.

Analyzing personalities again, there is one that we know as “Type A”. This personality is focused on achieving goals, doing things, or completing an aggressive agenda. It’s easy for this type of personality to move ahead like a tractor trying to achieve goals. God is calling you to pause for a moment today, and instead of seeing the interruption like a stone in your shoe, think about how your help will be a blessing to the person who does not even have shoes. True ministry is “focused on others.” We don’t use people to achieve our dreams, we help others discover theirs and help them to achieve them.

Think about it-What interruptions frustrate you? How have you allowed interruptions to be a pest, rather than a blessing? Let God direct your calendar today.


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One response to Holy Interruption

  1. Except that your kids are never interruptions; they are your first duty… but I catch your drift bro; great article.