Ode to Kathy.

imprrh@gmail.com —  May 10, 2013

Today was a rough day. Two weeks ago my wife tore a ligament in her ankle. When she went to get x-rays, a tumor was detected in her leg. Today she went to the doctor, to see if it was cancerous.

Last night was rough. As the impending diagnosis loomed, I reflected on Kathy’s life, our children, our ministry, and marriage. Here is what I reflected on.

1. Kathy is a mother. She came from an abusive home with a traumatic situation, but since she was very young she was a mother to her sister. When she had children of her own she loved and cared for them with grace and justice. It was not enough for her to be a mother to 2 children, she willingly and purposefully convinced her husband we needed to double the amount of children we had. Two teenagers came, and changed our life. I have seen her stay up and talk for hours, spend time journaling and praying for them. She lovingly confronts and willingly transports. She is a mother.

2. Kathy is a mentor. Not only has Kathy been a great mother, she has also been a mentor. More than one time, we have had teenagers living in our home that she took interest in. This year is her 20th year in ministry to teens. Some of the teens she mentored are pastor’s wives, others are successful teachers, business people and mothers and fathers of their own. She did not choose to do her work in the spotlight. She just drove, picked up kids, brought them to vespers, had vespers, drove them home, for 20 years. She is a mentor.

3. Kathy is my wife. As the time for the diagnosis drew near, I became anxious. Right before we went to bed, she kissed me. That kiss meant more than other days. Tomorrow our lives could be totally different. All the ministry plans, all the vacation intentions, it could all change in 10 minutes. She is my partner. She has made me a better man, husband, pastor, Christian. She would be irreplaceable.  She is my wife.

The doctor gave us the news. The tumor is benign. Crisis averted. Of all the great things Kathy is, the greatest one, at least today, is hearing the doctor say: She is healthy.

It will be a happy Sabbath indeed. Happy mother’s day, to Kathy and all the mothers in the world.


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7 responses to Ode to Kathy.

  1. Praise God! What a blessing Kathy is in the world and what a blessing to hear she’s healthy.

  2. Roger,
    Glad your wife is well. I appreciate the openness and honesty with which you share your life and family.
    God bless you all,
    tu amigo

  3. Kathy tiene un apoyo increible que Rodger

  4. Praise the Lord. God love’s Kathy a lot.

  5. May God continue to give Kathy health and happiness by your side is the prayer of all those who love you both!

  6. beautiful, beautiful pic! what a journey that began with something simple, i’m sure…torn ligament, tumor revealed…faith-building experiences. praising God with you guys! def prayed for y’all’s ministries!

  7. José Javier Colón May 14, 2013 at 3:15 am

    Gracias a Dios por Kathy. ¡Qué bueno es Dios! Gracias porque la mantiene sana. Yolanda comenzó a leer y se desesperó buscándome para que terminara la lectura porque no entendía. Mientras leía sus ojos se aguaron y comenzó a llorar. Ella quería llegar al final para saber el desenlace. !Qué bueno que está sana! Damos gloria a Dios porque Él cuida a sus hijos!!! Gracias a Dios los planes no cambian!!!