Drama-less Worship Teams

imprrh@gmail.com —  April 30, 2013

A great worship service can inspire people, help them connect with God in meaningful ways, and teach them great truths of the bible. A good worship team, can enhance the worship experience. Disaster in that area can ruin the rest of the service. As a pastor, I tried to pick people for my worship team, that had the following 3 characteristics:

1. Committed to growing spiritually. That means listening to the sermon, and participating in the rest of the worship service, (like Sabbath School!) Pastors sometimes fail at this too, as I have seen some that don’t sing while that part is going on. Worship teams: listen to the sermon! I have had worship teams finish their part, and walk out of the church to go to the bathroom, hang outside for a while and not really engage in the rest of the service. I’ve even had some start picking up their instruments, packing, and doing tear down WHILE I speak! Your part is ONE part. It’s not the only part.

2. Committed to unity. Musicians and worship team members can be a magnet for drama. I don’t know why, but I have never had a worship team where drama was NOT involved. Something we must always remember as we participate in the worship service is that it’s not about us. Stop it with the drama. Stop giving dirty looks to the sound engineer. Stop making faces because you can’t hear your voice above everyone else. Stop hating on new people that want to join. Stop it. Stop threatening to leave the worship team. Stop complaining. Not about you!

3. Committed to excellence. This means not singing the same songs over and over. This means correcting the lyrics that appear in the screen beforehand. It’s called “spellcheck,” people. Means teaching a new hymn, or praise song on a consistent basis. It means practicing. It means believing you have not arrived, you can get better, and you must. It means believing that excellence inspires people and honors God. It means not winging it, and not saying after a song service: “Now, to start the service…” So, what was that you just did? A filler? A time killer?

Remember, it’s not about you.

Does your praise team have: Connection? Competence? Commitment? Chemistry? What are some other suggestions you have on improving the worship team in your church?


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