The Leader God Uses- Walter Pintos —  April 3, 2013
The Leader God Uses
Dr. Walter Pintos

John 15:16

You did not choose me, I chose you. I ordered to go and produce lasting fruit, so the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

God called Moses based on three elements:

(1) His disposition

(2) His availability

(3) His integrity


Moses is trained to serve:

 (1) God took out Moses’ fear.

Shepherds in Moses times had two major concerns: (a) Fear of leprosy and (b) Fear of snakes. God solved it showing Moses that He had power over all those elements.

 (2) God taught Moses how to overcome adversity.

God trained Moses to bring his challenges to the table; God always provided prompt and satisfactory solution for Moses.

 (3) God showed Moses the need for constant innovation in ministry.

The Israelis claimed they liked it better in Egypt and wanted to do things as they did it back in Egypt. God, on the other hand, wished to make all things new and Moses learned it the hard way. God taught Moses that their relationship must be organic rather than mechanic. Relationship with God is always progressive. The leader must renew himself in the spirit of his mind daily. The parasite of “this is the way we always done it back in my town” already existed in Moses’ times and it was unacceptable at the Lord’s eyes. Innovating in the spirit is vital to keep a vibrant relationship with God and to minister the lost effectively.

 God never asks the leader to do something he himself would not do.

 Moses was…                                                                         

Pursued by Pharaoh

Sent to Egypt

Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter

Childhood not told in Bible

Identity withheld

From royal house to the desert

Saved a woman at a well

Became a shepherd

Fast for 40 days

Liberator of Israel

Ordered to die out of Canaan

Buried by angels

Jesus was…

Resurrected under angelic conflict

Strengthens the Savior

Pursued by Herod

Sent to Egypt

Adopted by Joseph

Childhood not told in Bible

Identity withheld

From the throne the world

Saved a woman at a well

Became the great shepherd

Fast for 40 days

Liberation of spiritual Israel

Ordered to die outside of Jerusalem

Buried by humans

Resurrected under angelic conflict

Strengthen the disciples


(1) God does not call a leader as he is but in spite of what he is

(2) God glorified himself in success as in defeat

(3) A leader’s influence does not ends with his death

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