Connect- A Young Adult Ministry in Atlanta —  March 4, 2013

Connect- Four Things I Experienced There

The energy in the room was palpable. I was greeted at the door with a smile and a handshake by several young adults. The program started with this high quality video:

Tree hours later, the program was over, and I was encouraged by what I saw at Connect, a young adult ministry from Berean SDA in Atlanta.

Berean Atlanta is a historic congregation, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Frederick Russell. The associate pastor is Rebecca Davis, who leads out in Connect. These are four things I observed:

1. Empowering leadership. It all starts at the top. Pastor Russell supports and empowers leaders. A great example is him showing up, not to take over the program, but to sit among the crowd and worship. This empowering  leadership style (think constellation not star) is adopted by Mrs. Davis. The program, almost in its entirety was led by young adults, not the pastor. They had high quality music and worship (nothing beats seeing over 100 young adults worship with all their heart), engaging and touching moments (see #2) and many YA engaged. It was THEIR space. Their program.

2. Encouraging climate. A young lady, shared her testimony. She is pregnant and just lost her job, and her story of faith in the middle of adversity, strengthened ours. He testimony was not in the program, yet it was probably the highlight of the night. It was especially significant when the rest of the young adults blessed her with an spontaneous offering. A God moment, for sure.

3. Expectation of God. The worship was participatory, intentional and inspiring. The young adult choir Open Praise of more than 30 voices kicked the program to another level. People expected God to show up. He did.!/open.praisechoir

4. Excellence in delivery. The program flowed, yet it was sensitive to God’s prompting if a shift needed to occur. The videos were well done. Not cheesy. The people that led were engaging, and connected well with the audience. We were made to feel like family. Excellence honors God and inspires people. Both happened.

May God continue to bless this ministry and this church. If you would like to connect (no pun intended) with Rebecca, you can do so on twitter @mrsrebeccadavis or their facebook page!/BereanYoungAdults?fref=ts

I invite you, to connect:

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