Paul’s Resume- Guest Blogger Haskell Williams —  February 7, 2013

respectfully submit my name to be considered as Pastor-Evangelist in your church.


I have had an extensive and varied experience in a number of churches and am very comfortable in multi-cultural situations.  My linguistic skills are more than adequate for clear communication.

I am very thankful for a solid biblical and theological education.  The training I received in our church’s educational system has proven more than adequate for the professional challenges I have faced.

Humbly, I would express gratitude for the opportunity to have served on the boards and highest council of the denomination.

That which brings me the highest joy, however, is serving as a Pastor-Evangelist—to reach the unreached.  Since the time of my conversion, I have had the privilege of planting nearly a dozen churches.  My tenure has been limited in most of them because of the need in nearby districts and the compelling call of Christ to take to Gospel to non-Christian populations.  Accordingly, it has been my privilege to have served four terms of mission service.

I have used a variety of evangelistic modalities:  public discourse, one-on-one witnessing, house-to-house visitation, even public debate with non-believers (though I question the productivity of the latter).  My emphasis on discipleship has resulted in the training of countless local lay leaders and the mentorship of several who have become pastors in their own right.

From the extent of my experience, you may surmise that I am nearing retirement.  The truth is, I know that completion of my ministerial service will not be long in coming.  However, any of those who have worked with me can attest that my energy and zeal for Christ and His kingdom has not diminished with the years.

As I am unable to attach a photo to this e-mail, permit me a limited, if biased, personal description.  I am of a ‘solid’ build and short of stature (“vertically challenged” is the term).  What hair that remains is mostly gray.  I need to disclose that I have a ‘handicap’—my eyesight was compromised when I was a young adult before I became a committed Christian.  I am not ashamed of that because the incident really provoked me to examine the claims of Christ on my life and resulted in my complete conversion.  The associate pastors with whom I have worked have been most gracious to assist me with reading and corresponding with my congregations and church leadership.

As you check with the persons listed on my reference sheet, you will doubtless be informed that I am strong-minded and controversial at times (and they are justified in saying so).  I have deep convictions about the priority of spreading the Gospel and working with the needs of our new believers.  You will also likely hear of my parting ways with an associate, some years ago, resulting from a disagreement between us over an intern.  I have reflected on that extensively in the intervening years and believe I took too strong a position at that time.  I now look on the issue differently and have initiated and accomplished reconciliation.  Nevertheless, you will discover that controversy seems to follow me—people seem to love me or hate me, strongly. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, if you check my background, you will also uncover that I have a rather lengthy rap sheet and have even been the focus of a couple of riots. 

My case was of such a nature that it was even brought to the attention of the Governor.   Because of finances and other considerations, it was necessary that I speak in my own defense (which I prefer not to do).  Just the same, I felt more comfortable because I believe the issues were more about the Lord than about me.  All this has resulted in protracted trials, with appeals, still in process.  On the positive side, it has afforded me the opportunity to witness to many of those ‘in the system.’  So, you can add Prison Ministries to my resume. 

More than once my life has been in danger.  Without sounding paranoid, I can state that while there has been more than one attempt on my life, God has been faithful and spared me.

There will be those who accuse me of disrupting the culture of our church, changing the worship style (these are mere peripheral issues) or even of challenging the fundamental beliefs.   My only burden is to lead people into a faith-relationship with Christ, even if that generates conflict for me.  I cannot ignore or leave un-followed the call God laid on me.

Because this may generate controversy among those who question whether Tithe should be used to fund my ministerial service, it has been best that I maintain a parallel professional career to provide means of support.  This way, no church funds are expended on my behalf and no one can be accused of using the Lord’s resources unwisely.

Despite the previously mentioned disclosures, I have experience in peace-making and conciliation. I seek to align my life with the value of “seeking peace with all men” and encourage others to follow that principle.

I believe God can use me to win souls in your community and would request of you the opportunity of serving as your pastor.



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