Guest Blogger YOUNG ADULT —  January 28, 2013

Early Bird Gets the Worm and then some…

By: Linda Sarai Roman

Ever wake up like a train hit you a few times? This was me one summer morning, and no–it wasn’t a hangover. It was the aftermath of the first final of the week running on three hours of sleep.  Sluggishly, I sat up and contemplated if I should attend a morning gathering, I had no energy.

But I did go, I put on my business suit, looked my best grabbed a packet of almonds, notebook and a pen. I was prepared and was driven to make it on time. Little did I know that running to the bus stop in heels, dragging myself out of bed would land me an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C., the opportunity to represent my state at the US Capitol for a release of a report, and the platform to serve my community at a national level. Crazy huh!

Upon arriving, I sat at the table asked questions and genuinely seeked to absorb as much as possible. Attendees, were national community organizers with experience that I craved to witness.

I did two good things at this event.

To begin with, I acted as if. You should never sit at a table as an ‘invited’, be at the table. Get the tenancy and ask questions, you never know the answer if you do not ask. You can trigger a lot with the right question.

For our more seasoned readers, do not act like there are a limited amount of seats at the table- Pull up a chair for another because there are probably fresh faces sitting behind you. Mentorship is much needed, take a minute out of your day and listen to a developing leader. They will inspire you, they are driven and tactful. Pass on the richness of knowledge, to those who seek guidance.

Secondly, I satisfied a curiosity that seemed impossible. The speakers talked about a national conference in Maryland. It was right up my alley and with the work I had done in my community it would definitely give me the environment to submerse myself in the line of work I wanted to do. Stopping me was that it was across the nation, I was broke, and who am I to go?  I still asked.

Proverbs 24:27 (CEB) says, ‘Get your outside work done; make preparations in the field; then you can build your house’.

I like this because it is a reminder to get up and act as if. The experience I gained was memorable as it allowed me to reach and achieve something that was beyond what I could have planned for myself. Had I not waken that morning; I would not have received God’s blessing for me that day.  

Start early, prepare, and let God do his work.

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