What is My City God’s City?

imprrh@gmail.com —  January 24, 2013

Glad you asked! Here is a brief description. There are three resources that come along with the book:

FREE: For the small group leader or pastor- A short version of how to teach the lesson. Watch it here:

Free: Small group leader training manual. A simple how to, for the small group leader.
Download it here for free.

Minimal Cost- $2 a book, for the six small group lessons, and the 40 Days of Prayer and Sharing. Download the first lesson here for free:

Description of resource:

God’s City. My City


Here is the basic information on the program.


The program is six weeks.


GCMC has three components:

1. Six small group lessons- each participating member will receive a book with them. 

Love the city.

Pray for the city.

Engage the city.

Serve the city.

Invite the city.

Transform the city.

2. 40 Day Prayer and Sharing- It’s included in the book that has the lessons.

3. Sermon Series– With the same six titles as the small group, to be developed by the pastor. We would love to have your manuscripts/power points/etc. after you preach it, to share with pastors and leaders across the NAD.


1. The church in their small groups (or whatever format you chose), will study the small group lessons for six weeks. They are:

Love the city.

Pray for the city.

Engage the city.

Serve the city.

Invite the city.

Transform the city.

2. Sermon series- with the same titles, but developed by the local church pastor, preached concurrently with the small group series.

3. 40 Day Prayer and Sharing Booklet. Every member that participates, will get one, where every day he will do three things:

A memory verse to ground him/her in God’s word.

Applications to teach him/her God’s word.

A practical assignment to put into action God’s word in his/her life.

Most 40 day prayer journals are strong in the spiritual disciplines, but short on ACTIVATING the members.

The ideal way for this to happen, is to start 6 weeks before an evangelistic event, so that when it happens the church is prepared.

Any questions? Please call or write.


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