Preaching Seminar —  January 14, 2013

If you are interested in becoming a better public speaker, here are some resources for you. There are 6 different resources. You can use them for teaching a class for young people that would like to preach, a preaching class, leaders training. Share with someone that can benefit from it. Feel free to adapt, improve and modify the content.

1. PREACH!  Six Keys to Effective Preaching.

2. Tips for Preachers- 10 Practical, foundational, tips for better communicators.

3. Ilustrate!- How to get, use, and file ilustrations that connect with the audience.

4. Four sermons to practice. Here are four sermon outlines you can share with you class and work on them together. Power point and word document:

5. How to engage the audience- 8 Surefire Tips.

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