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I grew up in church. We went to church at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. Since my dad was also an evangelist, we had months were I spent most nights setting up the three carrousels of projector slides, along with a “dissolver” (Google it!). I also set up the movie projector with two reels, to watch a movie about the dangers of smoking called “I’m Sorry Baby” and another one about the life of Jesus that was pretty cool. I got a lot of church, but not enough Christ.

I liked going to church. The only thing that I struggled with was all the rules and regulations that did not make sense to a teenage boy. They say that rules without relationship leads to rebellion, and that is exactly what happened to me. I was shown the what without the why. I received knowledge without power. That has three negative consequences:

A. Knowledge without power is frustrating.
You never feel secure, because you never know when you have done enough. Should you pray one or two hours? Maybe an all-nighter would be even better. You work towards victory instead of from victory. There is never a finish line. It’s the race where the dog can never reach the rabbit right in front of him. It’s like the song says “Forever running, but losing the race…” One of the most vivid memories of growing up is having a constant feeling of guilt. I knew what was right, yet I couldn’t do it. That was very frustrating. It happens to plenty of Christians every day. Think about it for a moment.

· Millions know about the dangers of smoking, yet plenty choose to do it.

· Millions know about the benefits of going to school, yet many drop out.

· Millions know about the consequences of premarital sex. Yet teenage pregnancy is rampant.

· We know what to do. But we don’t. Why? Because information is good, but not good enough.

b. Knowledge without power is dangerous.
It can make you feel superior, and act superior. It can make you think that all you need to convert someone is to share information with them. I had no problem reciting the eschatological timeline. I could produce all the texts that proved why we were the correct church and Catholics were not. This is dangerous, not because prophetic information is not good, it is, but because when conversion has not happened, knowledge can be used as a billy club, even if in your own private life you are struggling with secret sin. This Ellen White quote summarizes what happens in an unconverted heart:

“There need to be far more lessons in the ministry of the Word of true conversion than of the arguments of the doctrines. For it is far easier and more natural for the heart that is not under the control of the Spirit of Christ to choose doctrinal subjects rather than the practical. There are many Christ-less discourses given no more acceptable to God than was the offering of Cain. They are not in harmony with God.”{VSS – The Voice in Speech and Song pg 342.3}

c. Knowledge without power makes secondary issues, primary. 
The greatest battles in the church I went to growing up were secondary issues. Hair length for guys. Movie theater attendance. Whether jeans were appropriate for church. Long battles. Lively discussions. Always followed by more rules and less freedom. When we make everything a sin, eventually nothing becomes a sin. It seemed to me that the greatest questions of life, were left unattended, especially the most important one, how to develop a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until I was a junior in college that I understood that concept, and the knowledge of a loving Savior traveled the hardest 18 inches in the world, from my head to my heart.
My hope today is that you may have the knowledge and the power. God bless you!

PS- I identify with this story, check it out for yourself!!/pages/El-Regreso-Movie/346816988711675

Coaching —  January 30, 2013

This is a presentation from Nick Howard, a leadership coach. He outlines the benefits of having a coach, and how that differs from a therapist or a mentor.

Have a blessed day!

Early Bird Gets the Worm and then some…

By: Linda Sarai Roman

Ever wake up like a train hit you a few times? This was me one summer morning, and no–it wasn’t a hangover. It was the aftermath of the first final of the week running on three hours of sleep.  Sluggishly, I sat up and contemplated if I should attend a morning gathering, I had no energy.

But I did go, I put on my business suit, looked my best grabbed a packet of almonds, notebook and a pen. I was prepared and was driven to make it on time. Little did I know that running to the bus stop in heels, dragging myself out of bed would land me an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C., the opportunity to represent my state at the US Capitol for a release of a report, and the platform to serve my community at a national level. Crazy huh!

Upon arriving, I sat at the table asked questions and genuinely seeked to absorb as much as possible. Attendees, were national community organizers with experience that I craved to witness.

I did two good things at this event.

To begin with, I acted as if. You should never sit at a table as an ‘invited’, be at the table. Get the tenancy and ask questions, you never know the answer if you do not ask. You can trigger a lot with the right question.

For our more seasoned readers, do not act like there are a limited amount of seats at the table- Pull up a chair for another because there are probably fresh faces sitting behind you. Mentorship is much needed, take a minute out of your day and listen to a developing leader. They will inspire you, they are driven and tactful. Pass on the richness of knowledge, to those who seek guidance.

Secondly, I satisfied a curiosity that seemed impossible. The speakers talked about a national conference in Maryland. It was right up my alley and with the work I had done in my community it would definitely give me the environment to submerse myself in the line of work I wanted to do. Stopping me was that it was across the nation, I was broke, and who am I to go?  I still asked.

Proverbs 24:27 (CEB) says, ‘Get your outside work done; make preparations in the field; then you can build your house’.

I like this because it is a reminder to get up and act as if. The experience I gained was memorable as it allowed me to reach and achieve something that was beyond what I could have planned for myself. Had I not waken that morning; I would not have received God’s blessing for me that day.  

Start early, prepare, and let God do his work.

Le doy gracias a mi amigo Jose Marin, asistente al presidente de la conferencia de Arizona, por este valioso material. Hay tres recursos:

Predicacion evangelistica- (material del maestro)

Predicacion evangelistica (guia de estudio para al alumno)

Predicacion evangelistica (power point)


Stop. Worship. Rest. —  January 26, 2013

If life has been out of balance lately, sabbath is a great time to reconnect with God, your family, yourself.

Here is a message to help you do that.

Have a happy sabbath,

Reaching the City —  January 25, 2013

All the info you need for your city, and then some…

Have a great time, working alongside God in what He is already doing for the city.

Pastor Richie is one of the rising stars in our denomination. If you haven’t heard about him, you should. He just finished using the GCMC program. Here are his thoughts: (picture below is the opening night of his evangelism event)

“I have had a burden for city/urban ministry for many years. It was because of people doing ministry in the city that my family came to know, love, and be transformed by the Gospel.  

My church was going to be having a major, citywide, evangelistic series (which we are currently in the middle of…God is blessing).  I have used many different resources to prep the church for evangelism. For this meeting I chose to go with God’s City: My City by Roger Hernandez.

We started the series exactly six weeks before the evangelistic series. Each week we met corporately as a church to discuss the lesson. Prayer partners, and small groups, met to pray together and discussed the daily prayer assignments also during this time.

What is so great about My City: God’s City is the balance of bible study, prayer, and witnessing exercises. Every day, for 40 days, we were challenged to pray for certain aspects of our upcoming meeting, as well as take action to secure the success of the meeting, i.e. invite a friend, pray for people you would be inviting, share your faith etc.

Through this series we saw how the Bible is clear; God loves cities. Cities filled with crime, drugs, poverty, and liberally-lived lives. God loves the places we, very often, fear to tread. Maybe we fear the city’s sinfulness will rub off on us. We’re afraid its immorality will pollute us like the smog that fills its skies. But what if it was your child living in the city? What if the city was your home? Would you be so quick to neglect the city? It was while pondering this that it hit me. No wonder God loves cities…they’re filled with his children.  As a result of this series we saw 3 things happen. We saw a change of attitude toward the city, revival in the city, and rejoicing with the city.

1.      Attitude: Many peoples attitude toward the city began to change. The emphasis on the need to evangelize and serve the city helped remove obstacles and preconceived ideas about the church’s role in the city.  We saw prejudices begin to be broken down. We saw a genuine love begin to develop for the city.

2.      Revival: The emphasis on daily prayer, and prayer groups, brought a spiritual revival that manifested itself in greater witnessing and love. People stepped out of the comfort zone, because they saw how Christ stepped out of heaven for them.

3.      Rejoicing: On the opening night of our meetings we had 180 visitors attend and close to 100 members attend. The church was so full we had to add a row of seats in the back of the church. People saw how their prayer, love, encounter with the city made a difference. There was great rejoicing seeing God work a miracle before our eyes. We started our meetings in the church, which any one who has done evangelism knows, was a great turnout!


Why do we need to do ministry in the city? Ultimately, it is because the city is where most of God’s children live. We do ministry in the city because the gospel is the only thing that can bring lasting change. Because the church is the only organization that battles the real, underlining, problem…sin.

God’s City: My Cityis one of the best pre-work evangelism series I have ever used. It is Christ-centered and shaped by the Gospel.

Truly, It is an experience with the gospel that will propel us into the city with an attitude of love. Why? The Gospel reveals a God willing to leave the comforts of heaven for us. If Jesus was willing to do that, surely I can leave the comforts of my suburban neighborhood and go into the sin-filled city. If we want to reach more cultures, professions, and lives we need to go into the city.  It’s where the people are!

Only by ministering a ministry shaped by the gospel in our cities is the city’s real need addressed. And it’s when the church does that, that according to Acts 8:8 there will be much joy in that city.


By Richie Halversen

Follow on Twitter: @richie59

Glad you asked! Here is a brief description. There are three resources that come along with the book:

FREE: For the small group leader or pastor- A short version of how to teach the lesson. Watch it here:

Free: Small group leader training manual. A simple how to, for the small group leader.
Download it here for free.

Minimal Cost- $2 a book, for the six small group lessons, and the 40 Days of Prayer and Sharing. Download the first lesson here for free:

Description of resource:

God’s City. My City


Here is the basic information on the program.


The program is six weeks.


GCMC has three components:

1. Six small group lessons- each participating member will receive a book with them. 

Love the city.

Pray for the city.

Engage the city.

Serve the city.

Invite the city.

Transform the city.

2. 40 Day Prayer and Sharing- It’s included in the book that has the lessons.

3. Sermon Series– With the same six titles as the small group, to be developed by the pastor. We would love to have your manuscripts/power points/etc. after you preach it, to share with pastors and leaders across the NAD.


1. The church in their small groups (or whatever format you chose), will study the small group lessons for six weeks. They are:

Love the city.

Pray for the city.

Engage the city.

Serve the city.

Invite the city.

Transform the city.

2. Sermon series- with the same titles, but developed by the local church pastor, preached concurrently with the small group series.

3. 40 Day Prayer and Sharing Booklet. Every member that participates, will get one, where every day he will do three things:

A memory verse to ground him/her in God’s word.

Applications to teach him/her God’s word.

A practical assignment to put into action God’s word in his/her life.

Most 40 day prayer journals are strong in the spiritual disciplines, but short on ACTIVATING the members.

The ideal way for this to happen, is to start 6 weeks before an evangelistic event, so that when it happens the church is prepared.

Any questions? Please call or write.