I’m Sure, That I’m Insecure

imprrh@gmail.com —  December 10, 2012

This week in Twitter, Mrs. Rebecca Davis, a colleague in ministry said: “Insecurity causes us to do some CRAAAAAZY STUFF!” That got me thinking about insecurity. Here are some thoughts on the matter.

Three results of insecurity:

1. Insecure people expect the worst. Negativity is their daily bread. Since their outlook on life is bad, their effort suffers and so does the moral in the people they lead. The reason they are down, is that they filter every comment, every act, every relationship, through a system of thought that tells them: they are out to get you!

2. Insecure leaders create insincere followers. They pretend to follow, but in reality, they are waiting to move out, take you out, or wait you out. It’s been said that people can’t take others where they have not been. One key question to ask yourself is: I’m I taking people any place worth going?

3. Insecure leaders surround themselves with co-dependants, not conquerors. They love chickens, not eagles and it becomes a vicious cycle. The less qualified team you have, the less success you have, therefore reinforcing the victim mentality insecure people revel in.

Now, what are some recommendations to get out of that state.

1. Acceptance: I’m not OK, and that’s OK. No one has it all figured out. The sooner you stop comparing yourself to others, and wishing you were somewhere or someone else, the sooner you will start to see yourself how God sees you, a special being, created in His image, for such a time as this.

2. Relationships: We attract who we are. Therefore, we must be intentional in connecting with people that are different than us. Time with healthy people, changes perspectives of life, God, yourself.

3. Balance: I’ve never met an insecure person that led a balanced life. The healthy principles of rest, personal growth, time management, when applied, are transformational.

May God help us to put our security in Him, not our talents, abilities or success.


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