Developing your Children Sprirituality —  December 5, 2012

Four Ways to Develop Your Children Spiritually:

a) Take them to all worship activities at church, especially to the

children’s worship, from an early age.

This is especially important inthe first seven years of the child’s life when his mind absorbs everything like a sponge. It is sad to see how some parents arrive at church late and

without any commitment, but are later shocked that their children are indifferent to worship. Parents, do not rob your children of the blessing of a spiritual education!

b) Do not speak badly of your brother, sister, or pastor in front of your children.

Children are very observant. Your child will notice how you seem to greet the brother in church with love, only to criticize him on the way home. This will teach your child to be a hypocrite.

c) Never use church as punishment

Do not discipline your child by removing privileges such as the weekly Pathfinders meetings, an outing with the adolescents, or any other social activity for the children. You can restrict access to the phone, the X-Box or Nintendo, but do not forbid activities that will nurture their appreciation of God’s goodness.

d) Introduce them to a loving Jesus

Do not show your children avengeful God who is always on the lookout for an opportunity to punish. Do not use phrases such as: “God doesn’t like children who are always late,” or worse, “God doesn’t love children who misbehave in church.” He loves them all for all time. He is not a heavenly policeman, he is a loving Father. Your children cannot see God, but they will know Him through you and your attitudes towards Him. Let us consider this statement from Ellen White: “Great is the honor and the responsibility placed upon fathers and mothers, in that they are to stand in the place of God to their children. Their character, their daily life, their methods of training, will interpret His words to the little ones. Their influence will win or repel the child’s confidence in the Lord’s assurances” (The Ministry of Healing, 375).

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