Giving Thanks Anyway: The Story of Chippie —  November 22, 2012
Chippy was a happy bird that lived with his owner. He loved to sing from his cage. He was well fed and his owner took good care of him. Life was grand. Then one day, it all went awry. The owner wanted to clean Chippy’s cage, so she turned on the vacuum cleaner, and after connecting the extension hose, proceeded to vacuum the bottom of Chippy’s cage. At that moment the phone rang. The owner tried to do two things at the same time. With her left hand she continued to vacuum the cage, and with her right hand she answered the phone. She got distracted, and before she knew it she had vacuumed up Chippy. Immediately she opened the bag and found Chippy, stunned but alive and covered with dust.

            Horrified at what she had done, she grabbed Chippy and put him under the shower head, turning on the water full blast. Realizing that the cure was worse than the problem, she grabbed him and put him on the bathroom counter. She turned the hairdryer on high and pointed it at him to dry him off. Chippy survived, barely. Someone asked the owner about Chippy some time later, and the owner said, “Chippy doesn’t sing much anymore.”
I wonder if Chippie’s experience has been yours this year. I wonder if, because of life’s ups and downs, you have lost your song, and don’t really feel in the “singing mood”. I encourage you to thank Him anyway. Our life’s troubles, don’t change the fact that God is still good.
I pray that this Thanksgiving, an attitude of gratitude will return (or grow) and that you may find your song. 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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