Resume Tips —  October 29, 2012

As a conference/union employee, I get a good number of resumes across my desk. Some shine. Some stink. Here are five tips that will make your resume stand out.

1. Keep your resume current. Some resumes haven’t been updated since 1996. I’m pretty sure you have done some things since then. Most effective workers are not trying to move from their present assignment, so they neglect their resume. Keep it current (every six months or so). Make sure your phone, email, and address are current. (you’d be amazed at how many times this is not accurate)

2. List 10 references. This especially applies if you work for the denomination. Most conferences are doing a greater number of references than they used to. When I got a resume with only one (sometimes NONE) reference it did not make a great first impression.

3. Add a picture. It was always great to be able to visualize the person I was going to interview. The more personal, the more effective.

4. Don’t kill me with details. Some resumes have 5 pages. It’s a resume, not Moby Dick, people. Every mission trip you ever went on, doesn’t need to be listed, neither is every week of prayer or sermon you ever preached. Have a sample of each. Make sure the information is relevant, not repetitive, and relays a clear mission.

5. Always have a cover page. In this cover page, your basic and most important information should be listed as well as a short mission statement for your life. Most administrators don’t have time to go through several pages of information in #8 font (see #4). While it’s important to be thorough, the first page should tell me who you are, what your gift set is, and how I can reach you.  

Keep your resume handy, who knows where God will call you next.

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