Why do you want, to plant?

imprrh@gmail.com —  October 25, 2012

Why do you want, to plant?

A seldom discussed aspect of starting a church is the motivation behind the desire, the reasons behind the decisions. Let’s be clear on something. We are all sinners, and we all have issues, so none of us come to the table with completely perfect motives and lives. Yet, the chances the church plant doesn’t crash and burn increase with a healthy approach to life, spirituality and relationships. Anything less than God inspired motives can cause issues. There are a million reasons why we should plant a church. Here are 5 reasons you should wait:

*You want to “show them” at (insert denominational institution, church, or person’s name here) how it’s really supposed to be done. You have an ax to grind or a wrong to be avenged. It’s starting a church for what you are against, instead of what you are for. We should carry something on our shoulders, a cross, not a chip.

*You just want to be the boss. To be in charge. To do things your way. No longer the associate, I am now the “man”. It will be great to remember who you are: you are neither “the man”, “the messiah”, or “the manager”. You are a servant leader. In that order. The fastest path to failure is inability to admit you don’t know everything. One thing you will quickly realize, being “the man” is not as glamorous as it seems!

*You think it would be nice to “try this”. Great for a new restaurant. Not so much for a new church. There are millions that have tried church planting before. There are resources available. Get them. There are proven methods in place to help you. Use them. Before you jump in with both feet, make sure you are jumping in the right pool.

*Your spiritual life has been down for a while. This seems like the adventure you need. Church planting is not remedial spirituality. It will take everything you have, and then more to see it through. Sometimes when things are stale, we think a change of scenery is exactly what we need. Maybe, the change needs to happen inside first, instead of letting your surroundings determine your spirituality.

*Your personal/family life is strained at the moment. Church planting increases stress. Its highs are usually higher and its lows are usually lower. A strong family unit will help you through those hard times that are sure to come. Invest time in strengthening your primary core group (and by core I mean family).

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