God Speaks to Young People Too

imprrh@gmail.com —  October 24, 2012

One of the most familiar stories in the Bible, deals with God’s calling to a young adult. Here are three principles we should remember, as we seek to connect with this generation.

1. God speaks to young people too. 1 Samuel 3:4 Suddenly the Lord called out, “Samuel!”

“Yes?” Samuel replied. “What is it?” This seems like a very simple statement, but, do we believe it? Sometimes the attitude of the older generation is one of absolute authority, treating the younger generation as students only, not partners. I believe God is still inspiring and calling young people today to make music, for example. The Holy Spirit didn’t run out of songs in the last century! He is speaking. Are you listening?

2. God insists, patiently, until Samuel got it. Three times the same thing happened. Three times he called, and twice Samuel got it confused. God didn’t give up, throw His hands up in the air and looked for someone else. To his credit, neither did Eli (he didn’t really get it at first either!). Patience is necessary. Take the time to mentor, teach, train, partner with, a young adult. Protect them from the critics. Allow them to make mistakes, and help them to see you don’t have it all together either.

3. God called Samuel in a church. I believe the place God called Samuel is significant. I believe God is everywhere, but the church IS his body. Just because we have at times not lived up to God’s purpose, does not detract from His original intention. You are the church. Do your best, be your best, where you are at.

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