Life Changing Family Worship —  October 18, 2012


I can’t think of two more powerful concepts than FAMILY and WORSHIP. At creation these were the two foundational principles that God built the human race upon. Adam and Eve representing family and the blessing of the Sabbath representing worship. Both of these ideas originated in the mind of God for the purpose of us knowing and experiencing the power of divine love. In the creation of the first family, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…[1]  What an awesome concept! We were made in the image of God! T he image of God is not just about His appearance, but more with His character, and His character can be summed up in one word—love. We were created in the image of divine love. The love of God is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. Life without love is meaningless and painful, but when the powerful love of God is experienced in our lives, it gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. Families were designed by God to experience His love, which makes the idea of family so powerful.

Worship is our response to the love of God. Worship does not bring God down on our finite level; rather it brings us up to His level. It calls us to reflect on the worth of God and keeps us focused on his love for us and His great plan for our lives[2]. When the first family sinned in the Garden of Eden one of the first things they did was hide from the presence of God and avoided worship[3]. Without the presence of God worship cannot take place. In this busy world of competing priorities and values many families are loosing sight of what matters most. Spouses are neglecting their marriages. Parents are neglecting their children. Families are neglecting each other. Above all families are neglecting God. Often in the attempt of families to keep up with the rat-race of life one of the first things goes out the proverbial window is the is the worship of God. So as in the first family, we see how sin and Satan enters into the home.  Adam and Eve sought to avoid God because of fear and sin and many families today are not spending time or meaningful time in the presence of God. The enemy wants to keep us away from God and it is his desire to forever separate FAMILY and WORSHIP because he knows when FAMILY and WORSHIP come together there is an explosion of God’s love that spreads far beyond the home into the world for generations to come.

In a world where family hurt and pain is at an all-time high, God is calling us back to Him as the solution to our family problems. If there was ever a time to come back to God in worship, the time is now. If there was ever a place where worship should happen, it should be in our homes. If Satan can keep families from worship he can keep them from God. If he can keep them from God, he can keep them from love. If he can keep them from love, he can keep them from each other. If he can keep them from each other, he can isolate them and make them vulnerable to his vicious attacks. However, God knows that if families take the time and make the time each day to worship Him through prayer, praise and the word, they will grow closer to Him and inevitably grow closer to each other and neutralize the power of Satan.

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