God is Good. Even Now

imprrh@gmail.com —  September 5, 2012

Devotional for today- God is good. Even Now.

Psalms 25:17 My problems go from bad to worse. Oh, save me from them all! 18 Feel my pain and see my trouble. Forgive all my sins.

This week, I received news that are a painful reminder of the world we live in. Yadira, a loving single mother of three, a committed Christian, a great human being, has cancer. Today the devotional is for her. You may read along, and while you do, please whisper a prayer for her.

1. Pain’s reality. For all the advances in medicine, for all the great inventions, humans can only mitigate pain, not eliminate it. Pain was welcomed in by a human, is experienced by humans, and in some cases even caused by humans. Jesus said, “in this world you WILL have trouble”. Pain should not surprise us, yet it is nevertheless an unwelcome guest.

2. Pain’s solution. I love today’s text. It provides me hope. It states three things Yadira Reyes can count on:

a. Feel my pain. God does. So much so, he sent his son to experience the ultimate pain. Yadira, your God can relate.

b. See my trouble. He doesn’t have better things to do than care for me. A common reaction in the midst of pain is to think: Where is God? Yadira, your God is aware.

c. Forgive my sins. One of the thoughts that could cross your mind is: What did I do to deserve this? The answer is, nothing. Your pain is not caused by your sins. It couldn’t. He already forgave them. Your God has saved you.

3. Pain’s companion- Moments like these show the body of Christ at its best. A website has been started. Brothers and sisters have provided support, a shoulder to cry on, a house remodeled, and an assurance that we are in this together.  Pr. Harold has led marvelously in this painful storm, along with Baby Noah. The great thing about the body of Christ, is that I don’t have to know you to pray for you.

I leave you with Yadira’s own words. I took today’s title from her post.

God is good and He knows what is best for me, and how long I should live. It makes very sad to say that cancer is back and medicine can’t destroy it anymore. With this type of cancer and in my stage IIII, doctor said I might be able to live 1 to 4 years. I thank everyone for your prayers and I will do my best to stay strong until the end. Blessings”



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